Rally at Anchorage LIO TOMORROW

Brothers & Sisters:

 We need your help! Whether you are a public employee union or a private sector union, it’s time for some SOLIDARITY. 

 Tomorrow at 1 pm, the House Finance Committee will be holding a meeting discussing the operating budget. Key in this is getting support to honor the contracts negotiated with the Parnell administration, which call for an increase of 2.5% in the final year of the contract. State employees gave concessions in the first two years and accepted 1% increases which didn’t even keep pace with inflation. And the Senate Finance committee stripped the final year increase out of their budget without warning and without public input.Of course they also stripped out further education dollars. The legislative majorities are also balking at expanding Medicaid. It’s time to give them some public input on the street!

 There will be a rally at 12:30 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) to greet legislators heading in to the LIO for their 1 pm committee meeting. The schools folks will be there, the medicaid expansion crowd will be there, and we need to do all we can to have a presence during the rally on behalf of supporting the public employee contracts.

 We will have signs available. Please empty your halls. Get staff, officers, and rank and file to show up in support. And if you want to hang out and fill the gallery during the House Finance Committee, you are welcome to do that too, but it is imperative we have a good showing of solidarity in support of the contracts at the rally. There is rumor the Americans for Prosperity frauds will have a presence, and we need to drown them out!

 I hope to see you there – LIO is at 716 W. 4th Ave.

 In Solidarity,

Vince Beltrami
Alaska AFL-CIO