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What is PSEA?

The PSEA, or Public Safety Employees Association, Local 803 is a not-for-profit corporation that has effectively represented Alaska law enforcement personnel in a variety of labor and employment matters at the State and municipal levels since 1978. PSEA also asserts itself as a leader in issues having a direct impact on Alaska public safety services. 

Our members are consummate professionals who take great pride in providing essential public safety services upon which the public depends. You will encounter PSEA members throughout the State of Alaska – from its busiest airports to its streets and highways, from the turbulent high seas to the State’s quiet streams and isolated trails, and in four of the State’s five largest cities.

Some of the specialized duties performed by our members include criminal investigations, highway safety, commercial vehicle code enforcement, execution of warrants and criminal defendant transport & custody, search and rescue services, airport safety and security, terrorist detection and apprehension, aircraft rescue, fire fighting, inmate incarceration, care and transportation, arson investigation, game law enforcement and resource preservation, as well as the well-recognized and traditional law enforcement functions.

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