Mission Statement

The Champions of Public Safety Foundation (The Foundation) is a charitable non-profit corporation established by the Public Safety Employees Association (PSEA) for the purpose of benefiting PSEA members and Alaskan communities by providing training and equipment to its members and supporting public safety missions; including personal intervention programs, community support programs, community awareness education, community policing strategies, and delivery systems through receiving and distributing grant funding. The Foundation seeks to partner with service providers, community help organizations, tribal entities, and local governments in the furtherance of these goals.

The Foundation’s IRS tax classification is a 501(c)(4) charitable non-profit corporation. Community members and businesses may contribute directly to the Foundation to help further its mission.

Contributions directly to the Foundation are not tax deductible.
To contribute send checks payable to:
The Champions of Public Safety Foundation or COPS Foundation to 4228 Laurel St. Anchorage, AK 99508. We value our community partners and volunteers and thank you for helping make Alaska a better and safer place to live.

To learn more about how PSEA and the COPS Foundation help Alaskan communities, click here.