Fitness Goal Article


Dear Members,

DPS President Jess Carson, myself and the rest of the PSEA staff are committed to making your lives better. That’s why we are here, to support you, the membership.

President Carson and I have some pretty exciting ideas that we think can directly impact you all in a positive manner. I wanted to take a few minutes to write to you all about fitness and nutrition. I would like this to be a an open forum because I am not the expert on this. I can give you some tips on what works for me and others and hope that you learn something.

What stops us from being fit and eating healthy? You can pretty much pick any excuse in the book in this one. No time, worked too late, can’t get up early enough, no gym, I work patrol and I can’t find the time to eat. It goes on and on.

We can fix this problem. We can make our lives better, fix some of our emotional issues, makes us better Troopers and Officers so that we can effectively serve the people of Alaska and more importantly, go home at the end of the day.

For this short introductory note I want to talk about having a Fitness Goal. What do we want to do? Lose weight, gain muscle, strength, endurance, summer body etc. The most important thing, pick it! There are probably a thousand plans out there that would fit your goals. Just pick one and stick with it. I suggest you pick a program that lasts 4 to 12 weeks. Depending on your enthusiasm you might become bored or you may actually just plateau as your body naturally adjusts. Additionally by picking this goal it something that you can finish in a relative short period of time.

When picking this goal keep the following things in mind. How much time do you have? What facilities and equipment do you have? Do you have support at home for this? These questions will help guide you.

I’m going to attach some links to some programs that you might find helpful. Now that you have a plan, we need to talk about nutrition. That will be the next topic. Nutrition is going to be the struggle but it is almost more important then getting our butts in the gym.

Here are some links that I find useful in researching and planning fitness programs.


I hope this motivates you. Please contact me here or at my email if you have any questions.

Keenan Mulvaney

PSEA DPS Chapter Vice President