PSEA President Letter to Members

PSEA Member Update
As we talk to more and more members across the state we’re often asked a very important
question, What does PSEA do for me and what do I get for paying dues? Although the answer
varies slightly between the different police agencies we represent, they all have a few things in
common. Simply look at the police agencies that do not have unions and the ones that do.
Now compare their wages and benefits. What you will find is that your highest paid police
agencies are represented by unions. In fact, even non union police officers benefit from our
negotiations as their employers need to compete with union police officers wages while
recruiting and retaining their workforce.
In the State of Alaska, your union, PSEA is the largest police union in the state. Here are some
quick facts you may not know PSEA is responsible for:
1. The merit increase pay schedule most every state employee enjoys was fought for and
won by PSEA. ( We have kept ours at 3.75%)
2. PSEA members on average have significantly larger leave accrual rates than non PSEA
employees. For State of Alaska Employees this includes a leave cap of 1200 hours,
when most other state employees are limited under 1000.
3. PSEA is the first and to date only union to offer PORAC coverage in Alaska to its
members giving personal attorney services for members involved in shootings or other
criminal and civil actions.
4. PSEA introduced and pushed through legislation that allows members to buy back
military time towards retirement.
5. PSEA introduced Alaska’s first Survivor’s Benefit Bill and through heavy opposition got it
passed during a financial crisis.
6. Although different among every agency and member, PSEA has fought for and gotten
significant pay increases, specialty pays, shift differentials, health benefits and
geographic differentials when other unions have struggled to keep their current wages
and benefits.
Often people think that the job of a union is only to represent employees who are in trouble or
facing termination. In actuality, that is only a small part of what we do for you. Are real job is to
fight so that you have a safe place to work, benefits for you and your family, earn a wage
representative of what you do every day, and assure that your employer follows established
labor laws.
Although this sounds easy it is a constant battle. Some weeks we are fighting for your wages,
some we are working on benefits, and others we are working with members and their families to
assure they will not be forgotten. Although everything is not as we wish, together we have
stood strong and have more than if we would have fought alone. We just wanted to take a
second to than each and every member for being part of PSEA.
Thank you,
Jess Carson, PSEA President