Trooper Recruitment and Retention Crisis

Over the past decade, the Troopers have experienced an alarming increase in unfilled Trooper positions within the department.  There are currently about 45 vacant positions in the department, there are only 389 authorized Trooper positions statewide.  In 2016 alone, 35 Troopers separated from the department, only 4 from retirements.  This is an alarming trend that will most likely get worse as the the Troopers struggle to keep up with other departments offering better pay and benefits.
PSEA believes that all Alaskans deserve the same level of public safety, and that it is a constitutional mandate that public safety be fully funded to adequate and acceptable levels.
We have provided short video highlighting the primary problems identified through a department survey and current recruitment and retention numbers.  The video also highlights corrective actions that can be taken to help combat the problem and avoid compounding it further.

The video can be seen at the following link:
Please help us get the department headed in the right direction, it’s time to make the Alaska State Troopers the premier law enforcement agency in the State of Alaska and the nation once again.
Thank you,
Doug Massie, DPS President