PSEA Staff

The Public Safety Employees Association is staffed by an Executive Director and General Counsel, an Office Administrator, and a Bookkeeper. Please feel free to contact the PSEA office or stop by if you have any questions or concerns. Our staff is available and ready to help our members every Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Get to Know Our Staff:

Executive Director,  TK Kleiner

Greetings PSEA Members!

It is great to be back at PSEA after nine years away. I was pleased to accept the position of Executive Director after being recruited by the corporate board. Some of you may remember I was PSEA’s Business Agent between 2006-2009. I’ve often referred to those years as the very best of my working career. It was an honor to represent Alaska’s women and men of law enforcement. And it is my privilege to be back, now, as Executive Director.

Great as it is to be back at PSEA, some of my colleagues don’t get it. Some have asked “why would you accept a union staff position just ahead of the Janus decision. What are you thinking, TK. Many union staff are bailing from their jobs” To those colleagues I have said and will restate the following: I am not afraid of Janus. And PSEA is not just any union. PSEA is a law enforcement association representing Alaska’s finest crimefighters and keepers of peace across Alaska. I came back to PSEA to ensure that PSEA remains a strong, vital law enforcement union protecting the jobs of our PSEA community. Hear me out Members! If Janus comes down against unions, PSEA will remain a strong union and become even stronger. No matter what the decision, change is in the air.   

Over the next several months, PSEA will be implementing several new meaningful employee benefits. And there will be new and meaningful opportunities for union involvement. I think members will be very pleased. Additionally, the Health Trustees are considering different options for health insurance within established timelines. Things will get better!  And I have loads of ideas to help better serve our members. I invite your help with implementation, and your own ideas for improvement.  

I’ve been on the job three days now and have taken a first look at everything. I am excited that I have identified many areas to improve.  I was also pleased to discover a financially healthy Association, a long term and trusted bookkeeper, stability in the front office, a dedicated board and a talented and forward-looking president in Jess Carson. This Union is well positioned to take some tangible, positive steps forward. Janus be damned. I will not sit paralyzed in fear of the outcome of a Supreme Court decision. And I won’t jump ship regardless of the outcome.  PSEA is moving forward and I am solidly on board.

It has been a busy few days. Once I settle in a just a bit more I will be visiting work sights and meeting with as many members as possible.  I am eager to meet all of you and hear your thoughts and ideas for the Association. Also, feel free to come by the office and chat with me. Just call Ashlea first, 337-1979 to set a time when I’ll be here. Or call me direct. Here’s my cell phone: 907-317-2799.

Onward and Upward,

TK Kleiner or 907-337-1979

Bookkeeper, Carol Hughes

Carol is here to manage PSEA’s financial records. She also serves on the Finance Committee.

Office Administrator, Ashlea Layman

Ashlea is the main contact for members at PSEA. She is here to assist members with technical support (email and web access) as well as general questions.