PSEA would like to congratulate the following members on their retirement and to recognize them for their dedication and commitment. Congratulations and have a Happy Retirement!

Dallas Massie

A member of PSEA, Palmer area Representative, and former Corporate Board Member retired from state service 7-1-06. Sgt. Massie served DPS from August 1981, serving in Palmer, Kotzebue, and Talkeetna Post’s. A celebration of his career was a held at Evangalo’s Restaurant on 6-29-06 where President Cox presented him with a watch from PSEA.

Congratulations Dallas and enjoy your retirement!

Curt Bedingfield


One of the finest Alaska State Troopers ever known to DPS has retired as of June 16, 2006. Curt Bedingfield is held in high esteem by all who know him whether as a friend, co-worker, subordinate, or family member. As a Sergeant, Curt received complimentary discussion by all with whom he associated and supervised. Curt met his wife, Lynette, in Anchor Point at a church meeting in 1976 when they were both teens – they’ve essentially been together ever since. Together they have raised three boys. Curt began his law enforcement career as a Fish & Wildlife Aide in Soldotna in May 1988. In 1989 he worked for DPS as a Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Officer (FWEO) before attending the DPS Academy as a Trooper Recruit in January 1991.

Following graduation from the Academy and completion of the FTO program in Palmer, Curt went to Kodiak with Fish & Wildlife Protection (FWP) and was there until November 1995 when he moved to Kotzebue. Curt and his family then moved to Cantwell in June 1998 and then to Coldfoot in January 1999. They all fell in love with Coldfoot and will continue to call it home as they build on their property there. From Coldfoot Curt was promoted to FWP Sergeant and moved to Bethel in October 2002. In June 2003 Curt remained in Bethel but switched to the AST (blue shirt) division as a Sergeant. Curt confessed that serving as a “blue shirt” Sergeant was among the best times of his career. The family was itching to get back to their true love, Coldfoot, so Curt voluntarily demoted to an FWP Trooper and made the move in June 2003 where he finished his career. I had the privilege of attending the Academy with Curt and can attest that all good things said about him are true. He has lived his philosophy, "Lead by example and stand in the gap for your guys". He was presented with a PSEA retirement gift (custom engraved knife and mug). Curt will be sorely missed – his leadership is greatly needed.

Barry Ingalls

  On July 18, 2006 an Alaska icon of law enforcement retired from service. Sgt. Barry Ingalls has retired after 40 years of service to the citizens of the State of Alaska as an Alaska State Trooper. Sgt. Ingalls’ career began (1966) while some of today’s active duty Troopers were in elementary school and before many had been born. As can be imagined, Barry has seen many changes and developments in law enforcement training, equipment, technology and philosophy over the course of his career. Consequently, he has many "war stories" that are intriguing and unbelievably fun. Barry has said that he just couldn’t imagine filling any other occupation or providing better service to the community than by being an Alaska State Trooper. Sgt. Ingalls has been known and respected by many and has outlasted them all. We wish Barry an enjoyable and productive retirement and congratulate him on this milestone – it is doubtful that another 40-year retirement celebration will ever take place. Thanks Barry!


PSEA would also like to congratulate the following retirees:

Tom DePeter Jr.
State Deputy Fire Marshal
Andy Helm
Airport Police
Robert Miller 
Donald Krammer 
Airport Police
Trudie Murphy 
Ketchikan Police Dept.
Carol Duckwork 
Ketchikan Police Dept. 
James Pagel
Robert Baty 
John Libertini 
Airport Police 
David Drvenkar 
Peggy Sullivan