PSEA Donates $2,000 to Support Juneau Safe Grad Event

This morning, the Public Safety Employees Association (PSEA) donated $2,000 to the Safe Grad program, supporting a safe and memorable graduation night for Juneau area seniors.

About Safe Grad

Originating in 1989, Juneau Parents for Safe Graduation provides a safe, alcohol- and drug-free venue for high school seniors to celebrate their achievements. This non-profit, run entirely by parent volunteers, is funded through donations from businesses and individuals.

Event Details

Safe Grad is held on graduation night from 10:00 PM to around 2:00 AM, featuring games, prizes, food, and entertainment. Students’ IDs are checked at the door, and once they leave, re-entry is not allowed.

Impact of PSEA's Donation

PSEA's donation will fund activities and amenities for the event, offering a secure alternative to risky celebrations. "Ensuring the safety of our young people is a top priority," said a PSEA President Shuan Kuzakin. PSEA's support helps Safe Grad provide a fun and safe environment for graduates.