PSEA donates to the Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department

Trooper Chadd Yoder presented a $1,500 donation from PSEA to the Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department. This generous contribution from PSEA is intended to support the Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department's efforts in response to the deadly landslide that occurred in Wrangell on November 20, 2023. The landslide, estimated to be 450 feet wide, resulted in the destruction of multiple homes and tragically claimed the lives of five individuals.

For 15 consecutive days and nights, the dedicated members of the Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department worked tirelessly in challenging weather conditions to search for and clear debris from the landslide. Their efforts led to the recovery of the remains of five victims and the rescue of one survivor.

The Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department is composed of 36 active volunteers, reserve members, one full-time firefighter, and one part-time Fire Chief.